Life is Like a Box of Chocolates....

Each Valentine's Day I practically drool over those heart shaped boxes.  I love those delicate chocolates each filled with a different delectable flavor!

Ryan used to have a gentleman who brought in a box every Christmas to his office that somehow landed up in my hands!  Those chocolates didn't last very long and even if I didn't particularly care for a flavor, I still finished them off!  Sometimes Ryan didn't have a chance to even try one!  I have to confess that at times I probably turned into something quite close to the Cookie Monster in how I devoured those treats!

It's true that with those chocolates you never know what you are going to get until you bite into it.  That is of course unless you are a kind, sweet, older lady who adores my husband.  Each time I see a box of chocolates I drool and then think of this story. (the chocolates make me drool - not the story)

Ryan had a business meeting one day with an elderly woman.  She has a similar love for fine chocolates.  She, however, was very willing to share her box of chocolates with Ryan.  She offered him some tea and got out her treats.  With a shaky hand she peeled off the lid of the red box and offered Ryan his pick of chocolates with a proud smile. 

As Ryan reached over to select a chocolate he had to pause and take a closer look at the contents.  Inside were the typical flavored filled chocolates but also in the mix were chocolates with bites taken out of them!  She giggled as Ryan paused and explained that she just had to know what was inside each one.  Some she wasn't too fond of so she wouldn't eat those later but he was welcome to any one that he wanted!  She proudly pointed out a few that she had sampled and described their flavors so Ry would have a better chance to select his favorite.

As Ryan went to leave she handed him what was left of her chocolates.  She suggested that he take them home to me because he had told her how much I love chocolate!  He politely declined although she continued to pressure him.

When he got home, Ryan told me that he had a chance to bring me a fabulous box of chocolates.  The fact that he was empty handed didn't sit well with me until he described the contents!  I'm so happy he did not show up with half eaten chocolates!  That was definitely one time I was happy to pass on one of my favorite treats!  Lucky for me this Valentine's Day I received a box of untouched chocolates!  So yummy!!!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Wow! Those chocolates are yummy! But don't forget to brush your teeth well after eating those. You might end up visiting the Fishers Indiana dentist if you don't take care of your teeth.

  2. True, life is like a box of chocolates but that depends how we spend or eat this entire box. Valentine’s Day Games for Couples


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