Just When I Thought I was Ms. Popular...

I can freely admit that I love attention.  I love to be the center of attention from time to time and don't mind having all eyes on me (unless of course it is an embarrassing situation..)  So yesterday I was pretty excited about all of the attention I was getting! :)

Tyce and I took to the schools and went and volunteered in his siblings' classrooms for the morning.  I love doing this, but towards the end of the two hours it gets hard to read with five year olds when you have a four year old hanging on your neck for 20 minutes asking when we can go home!  I love knowing the kids' names and having them so excited to see me as it means a special one on one time!  Even attention from little ones is adored by me!

After a quick run to the grocery store, my niece was dropped off for the day.  She was sick and couldn't go to her normal care provider.  This is another reason I am thankful to be home and available!  She is such a sweetie and even with a double ear infection she was very mellow.  I had a day of snuggles and snot.  (the snuggles totally outweigh the snot!)  So I had tons of quiet attention from her, not to mention her parents trusting me enough to care for her in their absence.  I was feeling pretty puffed up for a Monday!

Just as the baby was settling in for a restless nap my phone started dinging meaning I was getting emails.  More attention!  At first I thought - wow!  I am super popular today!  Lucky me - wait -  the dings kept happening - That can't be good.  Then I thought that my phone had some alarm going off on it because it was dinging so much and at regular intervals! 

I had over 100 non-deliverable emails (guess I need to do some cleaning of my contact list) being sent back to me and emails from friends saying that my account had been hacked!  Awesome!  I guess I was popular but in a bad way.  That negative attention didn't damper my spirit however!  Some more snuggles with my niece and then more when the kids came home and the dog following me around and I was all set!  Guess it doesn't take much to make me feel like the center of the world!


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