It Works! Wednesday - Ultimate Challenge - Easily Lose Weight Fast!

From mid-November to the beginning of January (for 8 weeks)  I participated in the Ultimate Pro-Fit Challenge through It Works.  It entailed taking a Pro-Fit Protein Shake each morning, Thermofit before lunch, and an It's Essential Bar for an afternoon snack.  I did one Ultimate Applicator each week as well.  We were also given Fit-Works recipes to try.  The recipes were easy and tasty.  You didn't have to only eat those recipes to get the effects you wanted though!  I also took It's Greens as often as I remembered and It's Vital is a daily for me as well.

In the 8 weeks over Thanksgiving and Christmas I lost 12 pounds! I wasn't the biggest loser, but I was still proud that through the weeks that I usually gain the most weight I was losing it instead!  You only have to look at my friend Joel's before and after pictures to know it works!  (Part of the requirements of the challenge was to take weekly photos, take measurements, and weigh yourself weekly so everything could be documented.)

If you are interested in getting results like me, Joel, or one of the other participates (I think the biggest loser lost 33 pounds in 8 weeks!) just go to my web page at
Joel before and after 8 weeks


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