Dancing Queen

Last night we got a sitter and went out for a mid-week date! (it was also in celebration for my birthday so we had a good excuse!)

Ry took me for some yummy sushi downtown and then to see Abba - Tour Arrival From Sweden.

I love the music from Abba.  In college my roommates and I would have our own dance parties and act like crazy people.  Some of the songs we danced to were from Abba.  I blame my parents for my eclectic taste in music as I remember sitting in the car listening to the Beach Boys, Air Supply, Abba, Milli Vanilli , Bette Midler, Journey, Chicago, and who knows what else over and over and over again! (I'm not complaining now, although I'm sure I did at the time!)  This resulted in me having the ability to sing along with all of these songs and appreciate all kinds of music.

Anyways....I was pretty excited to enjoy the music of Abba last night.  We arrived right as they turned out the lights, but before the lights went down, I saw was a sea of white, tight curls.  That's right!  I would guess we were two out 6 people under the age of 60 in the audience!  I turned to Ry and asked him if that means I really am that old!

The concert was great!  I love the outfits and of course the music!  What I didn't like all that much was the fact that I was the only one singing and dancing in my seat!  It was a stretch if people clapped along, but really this is West Michigan and we can be a little stiff...  Half way through the concert I made Ryan get up and move to the back rows so I could stand up and dance!  And dance we did!!!  I think he was glad people were focused on the front or he may have been embarrassed! (the price he pays for being with me I guess...)  It was super fun and I had a great time!  The folks around us were smiling so I think they had fun too! :)
Yup, we are silly!  I made Ry hold this pose for forever while people turned and stared!  he squirmed....
One of my favorite songs!  Dancing Queen is my favorite, but you could hear me singing and the camera was all over the place from me up and moving!  I was able to stand still for the few seconds I taped this one! :)


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