The Best of Tarpon

Whenever we go to the Gulf in Florida we head to a little Greek town called Tarpon Springs.  It is famous for its sponge docks.

For decades fishermen have been going out on boats and harvesting sponges.  Off of these docks you can also take boats out to learn about harvesting sponges and you can go deep sea fishing.  The docks also offer many shops and restaurants.  At the very end of the docks there is a small aquarium that offers shows with sharks, alligators, and snakes!  You can also feed sharks and pet sting rays.  The aquarium is small but it is worth the stop!

I made Ry stop in Tarpon for two reasons.  One was to go to Get a Guru and pick up some fabulous soap that I love (they have awesome bath fizz balls too) and the other was to go to one of my favorite restaurants to get my favorite dessert! 

Stuffed Grape Leaves
One of my favorite restaurants of all time is Hellas in Tarpon Springs.  The service there is unmatched!  You will never wait for a thing!  They have authentic Greek food that is top notch!  My favorites are the gyros, domades which are stuffed grape leaves, and the villagers salad.  The villagers salad is very authentic.  Sooo yummy!!  A big must have is the saganaki!  It is goat cheese that they set on fire!  When that happens everyone yells OPA!  The kids love the performance and the taste!
My all time favorite thing about this restaurant is the nine page dessert menu that makes your mouth water!  Have you ever been to a restaurant with such an large dessert menu?  Everything is very unique and so so good!  They make the BEST Italian canolis!  I have tried canolis everywhere and no one compares to Hellas!  The other dessert you can't miss out on is the baklava cheese cake!  It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!  Ry and I had our desserts and then I had them fill a to go box with more canolis to take with us!  I wish I could have these desserts shipped to me!  Of course I would be a walking blimp if I did so I guess it is good that we don't have a Hellas near our house!
My favorite!!


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