Treats on Planes - for Daddy too!

My kids make me laugh.  Much of what I laugh at is hearing something I have said coming out of their mouths or hearing them put things I have said or done together in a way that makes sense to them!  I'm not sure what this says about me, but at least I know they are listening to me!

We just went on a business/vacation trip to Florida.  To get there we rode on an airplane.  I always make sure I have snacks, special treats, and things to do to keep the kids busy and stop them from annoying people around them.  I am always prepared to be on alert the entire flight to entertain and distract!  Before boarding the plane I told each child the special surprise I had in my bag for them.  Lola had some Little Mermaid Squinkies and the two boys had some army guys with tanks and planes.  They all were very excited about what they could play with once we got in the air. 

Not wanting to leave anyone out, Jackson asked me what surprise I had in my bag for Daddy.  Lola looked at him like he had to be kidding with that question and said, "There is nothing in the bag for Daddy!  He gets lots of kisses from Mommy on the plane!" 


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