Today I HATE technology!

Technology and I have a love/hate relationship.  Today I hate it.

A and I have been working on a big english project for his class.  We have been saving it on a zip drive so that he can work on it at school with his teachers as well.  Last night I sent the zip drive with Ryan so that he could print it out and put the pages in a nice book format for the presentation.  Unfortunately, the drive was completely empty!  The computer doesn't even register that there is a new drive plugged into it!  Ahhhhh!!!  All of that work!  GONE!

I can remember in high school typing in a huge paper and then something happened and I lost all of it.  I wasn't as calm as I was last night.  I actually threw myself on the ground, kicked, screamed, pounded my fists on the floor, and went balistic until I felt a little better!  Yes, I threw a tantrum in my late teens!  (sometimes it does help)  I don't remember if I recovered my work or if I had to start over again, but it stunk!

Fortunately, this time, I had emailed all of the documents except for one to Ryan at work earlier in the week thinking that he could print them off then.  He forgot, but I still had the email in my sent folder so I was able to recover everything except for the bibliography which I didn't work on so I have no idea how to reconstruct it!

Today I hate technology!


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