Snow Day!!

We had a first snow day of the school year last week.  I have to confess that snow days do not mean the same to me as they did only three short years ago!

Three years ago I was teaching in a district where the words snow and day were very rarely put together!  Quite frankly, we were more likely to have a day off due to a flood then we were for a snow day! (living in West Michigan and getting "lake effect" snow means we do get quite a bit of snow in the winter months so it wasn't for the lack of snow or bad conditions)  When it did happen it meant that our area was hit so hard no one was getting to work that day!  If our district was closed you didn't have to continue to watch the schools scroll across the bottom of your screen because it meant that every school in the county had to be closed!

When I was teaching it was pure joy to see my district closed!  It was a free day to clean, play with the kids, or play catch up on whatever I needed to get done.  I LOVED snow days!

When the snow day was announced last week I only could groan.  I no longer teach so it shouldn't matter too much right?  Wrong.  I get four hours a week of child free time! FOUR HOURS!! If the snow day had hit on a day that I didn't have free time I would have been fine, but it hit on a day that I was planning on having two child free hours!  How cruel!!!  I survive because I have that little bit of time!  I pack so much in those two hours it's a miracle my head doesn't spin off!

It was cold!!!
Other moms felt the same, thankfully and we banded together that morning.  I bundled the kids up and we walked down the street to the neighbor's by 9:30.  All children were instructed to play outside while the moms regained their sanity and planned how they would deal with a day filled with energetic, excitable children!  You see, when the snow falls the children start bouncing off of the walls, they start fighting non-stop, and sometimes it is just too cold to stay outside for large amounts of time to get rid of that energy!  Moms need to find strength in numbers because we are always outnumbered in our own homes!

Walking to the neighbors

Meeting of the minds...

I'm happy to say the kids enjoyed their snow day, A was able to catch up on some homework, and I survived.


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