Root Beer Floats bring me back...

My children are very very blessed.  They have a lot of family around them who are willing to take them on adventures and share fun times with them.  We are blessed that all of parents are still young and full of energy!

Recently, the boys all went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a "boys day".  They made donuts, roasted steaks in the fire, and had a blast!  Grandpa sent home the extra ice cream and root beer for us so we made some root beer floats.

As I prepared the treat for the kids, I couldn't help but remember a time when I would go to my grandparents' home and have root beer floats.  We lived in the same neighborhood and my sisters and I would ride our bikes to their house.

At Grandma and Grandpa's house I remember picking huge, juicy tomatoes and eating them like an apple while sprinkling them with salt!  We would run down in the ditch next to their house and pick milk pods to throw and tear apart.  In their basement was a treasure of toys personally selected at garage sales by my Grandma.  We spent hours playing with dolls and singing along and dancing to records.

Our most fun moments were spent at the dining room table.  Grandma was a card shark!  She taught us game after game after game and she was competitive!  There was no letting the little kids win!  It was every man for himself!  While we played our cards she and Grandpa would prepare root beer floats for us.  This was the only place I ever had such a treat and we were in heaven!  So much laughter and fun was shared around that table!  It wasn't the root beer float that made it that way, however.  The root beer float brings back the memories, but the memories are ones of us being together.  They are of laughing hysterically and falling off of our chairs as Grandma called Grandpa a doe-doe bird when he would win a game!  The memories are of the feelings of love we felt from our grandparents each time they saw us!

I'm so glad that my children can share those same kind of special times with their grandparents!  Family can sometimes be a little crazy, but in the end the blessings and memories they bring us are what we will remember!


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