I love living in a smaller community.  I love the fact that I have to park across the street for every single school event because the parking lots and grass are full of invested parents.  I love walking down the street and running into friends and neighbors from our community.  I guess it just gives you a sense of belonging.  It reminds me of the show Cheers and how when the character Norm walked into the bar everyone yelled his name.

This week, our school district held it's annual Roundball Basketball tournament.  The teachers from each school form a team and play against each other.  The students and community come out and support their school.  It isn't an entirely serious game as sometimes Globetrotter moves are tried out, the music is blaring, and the students are running this and that, but the sense of community and camaraderie is there in full force!  During one of the games the students rushed the floor and did their rendition of a Flash Mob!

The Flash Mob
Posing with our mascot
The kids were in awe of the guys in the body suits!  Talk about spirit!
Our entire family went and although Tyce was a little bored, Jackson is at the age where he is beginning to venture out with his friends.  I loved it when a group of boys saw him and came to get him to go with them to the opposite side of the gym!  I didn't even think until just this moment that I may be becoming to uncool to be near! (that thought is now ruining all of the happy fuzzy thoughts I was just having - oh sugar jets!)
Can you see my child waaay over on the other side of the gym up high with his friends?  And so it begins....


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