Musical Beds

For that last couple of weeks we have been playing musical beds in our house. Sounds a little interesteing - I wish it were, but really it is the worst!

Our youngest has the sniffles.  Apparently the sniffles is a huge upsetting deal to him.  He cries and carries on!  He has been coming into our room with his pillow in the wee small hours of the morning asking to sleep by mommy.  Our bed is big enough that he can fit, but he has this little habit that makes it impossible for Mommy to sleep.

He starts off in the middle of the bed, but little by little he edges closer and closer to me until he has wrapped all of his little limb around my head.  He is a cling-on! No matter how many times I peel him off and gentley push him over away from me or set pillows up between us, he finds his way back and on top of my head.  I love the little bugger, but I can't sleep with him suctioned to my head!
Tyce in his room
Because of this, as soon as he comes into our bed, I am forced to move to his bed.  This in turn starts the musical beds.  Sometimes I am able to stay put until the morning, but sometimes others wake up and I move from one room to another!  By the morning I am exhausted and crabby!  Last night I laid down the law and told the kids we were done with this game!  The outcome??  Tyce stayed in bed all night and told Ry this morning that he was going to the Dollar Store because he stayed in bed!  So, the bribe worked very well and was well worth it!  Now off to the Dollar Store we go!


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