Happy New Year!!

I hope you all were able to ring in the New Year in a happy and safe way!

I have never really gotten into celebrating the ringing in of the New Year and saying goodbye to the old.  Yes, it is another year that has gone by and events have occurred good and bad, but I have never understood the idea of "starting over" in the New Year.  Each month, each week, and each day starts new.  You have a chance to start over in each and every breath you take.  Make a choice to start new right now.  Why wait until the New Year?  (that's about as deep as I'm going to get and will get off the soap box now ;))

At any rate, we stayed home and celebrated the New Year arriving at about 8:30 last night with the kids and our fantastic neighbors!  Ryan let off fireworks and the kids lined up to watch shivering in their winter coats!  Thankfully, we didn't have a ton of fireworks to light off and the show was over before lips turned blue!  It was nothing too elaborate, but just being able to spend time with friends and family is really what makes our time worth it!

The girls
Hanging outside for a second
They set out chairs to watch the fireworks
Happy New Year!
So Happy New Year!  May 2012 be filled with much love, success, and happiness in each and every choice you make!


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