Finger Licking Gross!!!

My daughter bites her nails.  As an incentive to not bite her nails we have gone to get our nails done, but since it is a nervous habit she just bites the polish off.

I decided to try the polish that you can put on nails that tastes terrible to help deter nail biting.  She didn't want anything to do with it so being the great mom I am, I put it on my thumb to show her it made my nail shiny and was fine.  We let the nails dry and were back to our regular day.

I washed my hands after the polish on my nail dried and scrubbed it off.  Or I had hoped I had.  It has been a week.  I have washed my hands enough times that my skin is looking pretty dry and that stuff is still on my nail!  How do I know this?  Apparently I put my thumb in my mouth for one reason or another more times then I realize!  To eat a chip, lick off peanut butter... who knows, but I do it and it is AWFUL!!!  I'm sure the look on my face is priceless because I keep forgetting and it is a shock each and every time I do it!  When the kids see me they laugh and say, "Not again Mom!"  Ironically, I haven't heard Lola complain about it once!


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