You Know You are a Mom by What's in Your Purse...

Recently, Ryan and I were on a weekend vacation just the two of us.  It was awesome!  Besides the fact that I am a travel junkie, I really think it is important to take time away from other distractions and focus on your spouse!  My Oma has always told me I should put my spouse first (after God of course) above everything else.  As he is to be my partner in all things in life.  Life can be very difficult if we aren't on the same page.

Anyways... while on vacation Ry cut his finger on a shell at the beach.  I had brought my purse with me minus a few things that I usually carry in it, but I was able to pull out an antiseptic cloth and a band aid.  Ryan gave me an odd look and I explained to him that I carried band aids because when tears fell, no matter what the infliction was, a band aid always stopped the tears.  Just another reminder that I am, in fac,t a mother! (I also have hand sanitizer, Kleenex, mints, a brush, crayons, small trucks, and even a tiny pad of paper!)

What is in your purse that shows you are a mom?


  1. No bandaids in my purse - horrible mom?
    I keep diapers, wipes & snacks.

  2. Those snacks are all important and I often forget those!!


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