Winter many more days???

Yesterday we spent a large chunk of time on homework.  That is to say A and I spent a large chunk of time on homework.  Or rather he sat next to me while I tried to tackle the homework with as much input from him as possible. 

He has an English project to do about Columbine.  He and I tackled a timeline of April 20, 1999 yesterday.  By the time we were completed, I was so depressed about the events of that day that I resorted to eating half a jar of chocolate - yes I drown my sorrows in chocolate..

I remember coming home and watching the news in our living room and seeing the coverage unfold.  I remember crying for all of those children in the school and the families.  Now that I have my own children I can't even begin to imagine the anguish those mothers felt when they heard something was happening in their school.  Last year, when there was a bomb threat at the elementary my children attend I could barely stand it!  Such senseless violence.  I am very thankful that our schools take many precautions to keep our children safe.  I know at times it is a pain, but when you think it only took 15 minutes on that fateful day to change the lives of so many people, I am happy they do it and will go through the hoops!

Feeling as nostalgic and thankful for my kids as I did after that little project you would think that when I went up to their rooms and found that in a short time they had completely torn apart EVERYTHING I would have felt a little sympathetic and simply given them a hug.  Nope.  When you mix trying to do homework for three constantly interrupted hours of fighting, bickering, and crying with being home with four kids consistently for one and half weeks with feelings of sadness for a terrible event - the sadness disappears pretty fast and you get (well I got) a big sigh and children that don't get to eat dinner until 7:30 at night because they have to clean their rooms!  Sorry kids!  Maybe Mommy needed a little bit more chocolate!

Loving me some Winter Break!!!


  1. Why do people love to read blogs? Because it reminds us that no one is perfect and none of us responds the right way all the time. It give us balance! Thanks Amy!


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