We want to be a Muppet!

The other day I took the kids to see The Muppets.  I think I smiled through the entire movie!  I loved that I recognized characters and songs that they sang.  What I loved the most was when they performed like they used to on the original show.  It reminded me of SNL actually just more of a kid friendly version!  Even my 16 year old enjoyed it!

When we got home, A got another taste of what it is like to survive in this household with me.  We found some of the songs that were in the Muppets on youtube and proceeded to sing, dance, and act them out!  I was the leader closely followed by Lola and Tyce.  A tried to pretend he wasn't watching our fabulous performances.  I'm sure he was asking himself if all Americans are as looney as we are!  When I got out my tap shoes he shook his head and left the room.  (That's right! I do have tap shoes and still can pull out a mean buffalo!)

The little ones were delighted, the dog was confused, and A was no where to be seen! (Jackson wasn't home or he probably would have been rolling his eyes!)  Our favorite song was "Mahna Mahna".  We played it over and over and laughed so hard!  Our next favorite was "Life's a Happy Song".    Somewhere along the line our dancing and singing turned into running and being crazy and then someone gets hurt and cries, but let's dwell on the happy parts! :)  Sometimes it's just fun to dance and act a little crazy!  Can you tell the ham of the family is??  Wonder who he takes after???


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