New Baby!

Yup!  That's right we have a new baby in our household!  As if our house isn't chaotic enough we have added a 4 month old!  He came to us by way of Indianapolis and is just the cutest little thing!  His name is Tucker and he is a Boston Terrier baby, not a human one!

I know I wanted to wait until Spring, but after asking about many adult dogs, the woman who runs Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue told me about Tucker.  They don't often get in puppies and being that we have small kids, a bird, and don't have a fenced in yard, it made sense to get a puppy to grow up getting used to the chaos (and the rules).

He is just the cutest thing!  (here is where I am going to brag about how great he is and will come back to this post when he inevitably chews up something or pees on something)  For a puppy he isn't all that hyper.  He does have his moments and you would too if two children held you captive as a baby for a time!  Already he will sit with a motion of my finger.  He sits at the door to come inside and seems to know what it means when I say "go potty".  He is almost laying down on command, but our leash walking needs work as does our house training.

We haven't heard a bark or growl out of him and it has been almost two weeks since he came home!  I like that!  I love that the door bell rings and half the time he doesn't even look up!  I do not want a watch dog because once they start barking, they don't seem to want to stop!  He even sleeps quietly in his little crate all night!

The kids were shocked and overjoyed  when I walked into the house with him!  Tyce first insisted it was his dog, but I explained he was mine since I would be doing all of the work (and I didn't want to hear kids fighting over him)!  He came with the name Tucker, but he is young enough that we could have changed it.  Tyce wanted to name him "Tyce".  When I explained how confusing that would be he relented and said he could be called "Tucker Tyce".  In the end, the kids all decided to keep Tucker as his name which seems to suit him.

Yes, having a puppy is an added chore, but I am happy to have him around.  As I sit on the couch typing right now, he is snuggled in a blanket next to me.  When I feel stressed I try to take the time to give him a good scratch because don't they say that that helps to calm people.  This dog is not lacking in getting attention let me tell you! :)

So far, deciding to get this little guy was a great decision.  Now if I could get him potty trained and Tyce to stop locking himself in the dog's cage I would be all set!!!


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