Merry Christmas!

I don't usually post on Sundays, but I thought I would wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  I hope your day went as well if not better then ours has gone so far! :)

The kids were instructed not to wake anyone up until 7.  I heard them about 6 getting dressed and brushing their teeth.  Ry and I didn't get to bed until almost 1 because one 8 year old wouldn't go to sleep!  After the Christmas Eve celebrations with lots of family, all of the sugared desserts, having to make a last minute run to get milk for Santa, putting out milk and cookies, sprinkling reindeer food outside, and trying to put together a game with A, he could barely think straight, but couldn't sleep a wink! 
At Grandma and Grandpas to start Christmas Eve!
A plate full of desserts at Great Grandma's House!
Setting out cookies and milk - he also made a sweet letter to Santa!
Jackson was up and raring to go, but the little ones had hit the wall!

At 7 on the dot they plowed into our room announcing it was time!  This is what I saw waiting for me:

They did well waiting for Mom to quick throw something in the oven and get her camera before stampeding down the stairs to get A for his first American Family Christmas (which he told us was his best Christmas ever!  - He was very much in awe at all of the family gatherings and presents that were given to him.  He wasn't expecting them!  I have to say how proud I was of him for how polite and thankful he was to everyone even if he didn't know them that well!)

It was a made dash to the tree and the stockings.  Tyce was amazed that Santa knew exactly what he wanted!  Although, I think if there had been a rock in his stocking he would have been just as happy!  Jackson handed out the gifts and horded his so he would have the most to open at the end! (He so takes after his mother this way!)

Even the puppy, Tucker and the bird, Eagle were remembered by Santa!  Of course a puppy is just like a baby and only wanted to play with the paper!!

Here are a few shots of our morning!
Daddy took the kids to pick out gifts for Mommy.  Either they are confused and think it is Halloween, they really wanted candy for themselves, or they think I am a sugar addict!  Daddy said he led them to jewelry and other things!  Guess they know I am easy to please! :)

My little ham.. He wanted Skeletor from He Man!  I used to play with these!

My poor children never get soda or a ton of sweets so they were beyond excited to get these drinks!

Lola didn't want to have pictures taken today - maybe too many yesterday...

A Zip Line!  Watch out neighbors!  Summer Fun in our backyard!! (and it will hold up to 250lbs because we all know who is going to be playing on that thing!)
The wonderful aftermath!

We finished our gift opening, ate breakfast, and put everything away.  As I was cleaning up the kitchen I realized we had left some presents in the trunk of the car!  Silly Santa hid some gifts behind the couch and the kids each were able to open another gift!  Thank goodness there was one gift for each of them!

Now everything is put away and put together!  I am ready to put all of the Christmas decorations away while I have Ryan here to help, but right now the kids are enjoying the grossest of our Christmas traditions which I married in to.  They are sampling the oysters, sardines, and octopus they got in their stockings!  This is why I am in a different room blogging!  That smell is TERRIBLE!  I guess I should be thankful my children aren't that picky of eaters and are adventurous like their mother!  I draw the line that that slimy stinky mess, however!


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