It's just a look...

There really is only one thing that is the BEST part of the holiday season!  (aside from Jesus being born that is...) It makes all of the chaos, stress, and ridiculousness go away in an instant!  The extra sweets, the tired, crabby children, the rolls of tape, the shopping, the cooking, the trying to see everyone and making the rounds are all worth it in the end with just this one moment.

Jackson in 2008 singing in church
It's the look on the face of my kids.  It's the look of wonderment when they hold the candles and sing songs on Christmas Eve.  It's the look they get when they believe in the magic of Santa.  It's the look of excitement when they see gifts under the tree.  It's the look of pride when they hand a gift to a loved one.  It's the look of surprise and thrill when they open something they love!  It's the look of pure joy when they give their cousins or grandparents hugs!  Those looks make everything else manageable!  (when those looks are gone, however, all bets are off!)

My niece, Audrey
My dad with my nieces Ashley and Audrey
Lola with "Santa"
Jackson in front of the tree
Tyce with a fun gift
Lola getting ready for her part in the Christmas program


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