Do Over

Driving down the road, I couldn't take it anymore so I pulled over into a parking lot.  The screaming behind me didn't stop.  You would have thought that someone was being strangled, but no, they were fighing over something.

The cause of the turmoil that had been going on for at least 10 minutes behind me (felt more like two hours) was ....drum roll.... a stinking...... piece...... of yarn!! Yarn!!  Really?

After I pried the yarn out of their white knuckled hands and laughed an evil laugh of how riduculous they were for fighting over yarn I calmly took the yarn from them and explained that it wasn't ok to scream that they were being killed while I was driving, I made one of them exit the vehicle.  Why would I do something like this?  First, I couldn't stand the screaming and fit throwing and second, they needed to be separated and know I was serious about staying put and them sitting in the parking lot until they could behave!!

I was able to take a breath and remove myself from the chaos and get a better grip on myself.  (Screaming children in a car can lead you to threaten some pretty crazy things!)  When we were all calmed down, the tears were dried, apologies were made, hugs were given, and we were all safely back in the car we had a little talk. 

It was time for a "do over".  I told the kids we were all starting fresh.  We weren't going to talk about what happened.  We were all going to be happy and start all over again!  No one was in trouble, no one was mad, and all was good!

As part of our "do over" when we got to our first stop we all three held hands and skipped to the store.  I know we looked a little odd, but you can totally get away with acting crazy when you have little kids around you.  (don't know what I will do when my kids get older!)  Have you ever tried to skip and not smile?  You can't do it!  Skipping makes you feel happy!   It turned our day around!!

I totally recommend having "do overs" as often as you can.  I know it won't really work in the adult world, but it does in my world and it can't hurt to try!  The skipping works for all worlds!!


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