Christmas Cards...

I LOVE Christmas cards!  Really, who doesn't?  It is super fun to go to the mailbox each day and pull out a stack of cards to open.  I think it is the highlight of the day for the kids...and maybe me ;)

My favorites are the picture cards.  I love the pictures with the families and the pets and whatever else people feel the need to reflect the holiday spirit!

I always have huge ideas of what I want to do for our Christmas cards.  Year after year I set up the scene and do my best to capture it, unfortunately the children don't always agree with my vision...  This means I have to change my plan and meet theirs in the middle.  Ultimately, I end up pulling pictures from the year instead of the photo session I set up.  Here is our photo session this year...

Yup, I had awesome plans for these pictures, but when a kid looks like he is trying to poop - not sure you want that on your card!  In the end, this is what I ended up with...

With the fun part done, now it is time to get down to the not so fun part of addressing all of the envelopes!


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