Bah Hum Bug???

It's two days after Christmas and my home is completely clear of all things Christmas. 

I used to wait until after New Years, but not any more!  Does this mean I hate Christmas?  Absolutely not!  I am just thinking ahead and being practical.  All of the big boys were home so they could help me put everything up in the garage.  Do you know how many times I have done it on my own only to topple over and break things!  I'm lucky I haven't broken any bones! 

So yesterday I decided they could all help me wipe out all the signs of Christmas until next year!  Mission accomplished!  I love the decorations for Christmas, but I am relieved to have the house back to normal again.. until the next holiday.

My house may never look as festive as this one, but I can get in the spirit as much as the next guy without it! :)


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