Bad Parenting???

Parenting is a tricky balance.

Parenting by Love and Logic says that you let the kids make choices and then they deal with the consequences of those choices.

So is it wrong if they make a not so great choice and you help to give the natural consequences a little push?

I have a child who refuses to wear a coat.  We are living in 30 degree temperatures and this child wants to wear short sleeves and no coat.  I understand the whole wanting to be cool thing, but I'm not a fan of sniffles and colds being brought into the house to be shared with everyone!  So, yes - I have a child who is going around in short sleeves when it is cold enough to have snow on the ground!

My question is is it bad parenting when we go to the store and I park the farthest away possible and take my sweet sweet time walking through the parking lot?  Is it bad that we "forget" something and have to go back to the car?  Is it bad that we forget where we parked when we come out of the store so we have to spend more time out in the cold?  Is it bad that because everyone else has a coat on in the car we don't keep the heat on full blast even though this child has goose bumps the size of goose eggs?  The child is learning the consequences of their actions in a natural, but maybe forced way.  That can't be bad right?

By the way, the child still will not wear a coat!
Parenting is AWESOME!!


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