The Animal Whisperer

I have deemed myself the Animal Whisperer.  It isn't because I have an amazing ability to speak to animals or anything that awesome.  It is because for some reason they seem to like me and won't leave me alone!  Don't believe me?  Here are some examples:

While Ry and I were in Mexico eating breakfast we were greeted by an adorable kitten.  He sat and looked up at me with his big adoring eyes begging for food.  I didn't pet him or feed him, but he stood his ground and did so for the remaining of the days we were there.  There were many other patrons who would have fed that little guy, but he chose to sit by me...  Another visitor at breakfast was a Coati which is like an aardvark.  He was after the sugar around the restaurant and just happened to pace next to me looking for food.  Again, no food from me!

Giant lizard!

Sweet little kitty

While we were in the water swimming I was the first to see a school of fish.  Everywhere I went those stupid things followed me in the water!  And no it was not the waves pushing them into me!  I was moving sideways away from them!!!  (this made me feel a little freaked out!)

I am not even including domesticated animals in this little blog, but there have been plenty of examples of me being followed by them as well!  My last example is of a baby squirrel.  I was house sitting/dog sitting for a friend and went to leave their house.  As I walked out, there was a baby squirrel sitting looking at me.  I cooed to it a little bit and went to go get in the car.  The cute little thing turned evil looking the moment it began to sprint toward me!  I had visions of it jumping on my face and eating my flesh! (maybe a few too many episodes of When Animals Attack...)  I turned and ran back in the house!  Each time I opened the door to go outside, the thing was sitting there waiting for me!  I was freaked out and cornered!!  If you would have been able to watch me and my reactions, I'm pretty sure you would have peed your pants!  Here is this little baby squirrel with his cute little nose and big dreamy eyes looking up at me and here I am scared to death and unable to leave the house!

I called the Humane Society and I called Ryan.  Neither one of them were any help.  I just provided them with some laughter and comedy for the day.  This did not amuse me!  Finally I took some bread, threw it at the poor creature, and made a run for it!!  I made it into the car and drove away never to see that baby squirrel again!  Thank goodness!

If these animals follow me and approach me because I smell I would appreciate someone telling me that!  Maybe I just give off a certain aura or something that animals are attracted to??  I don't mind so much except when cockroaches are following me down a path!


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