Run Run Run as Fast as you Can!

Today we decorated Gingerbread People.  The only way I could keep Tyce from not ripping open the box the day before was warning him that if the cookies were already magic they may run away!

Decorating cookies is a dirty yummy process as you can see by the faces of the children!  I remember a time when Tyce would only eat the candy and not put any on the cookie!  The youngest in our crowd did the same thing!

I'm not sure if the kids like decorating or eating the cookies the best!  As Tyce ate his cookie he kept making screaming noises!  Apparently his little man didn't like getting eaten!

Take two on the gingerbread cookies! 

I made a homemade batch while the kids tried to put together gingerbread houses.  I am NOT a fan of gingerbread houses!  They are just too difficult to put together for little hands!  Out of five little houses three stuck together so I think we did pretty well!
Lola's house and Gingerbread Person!
All of the Gingerbread People - they lasted two days before they all disappeared into bellies!
Our Gingerbread Village!  See the snowman?
Daddy to the rescue!
Tyce had more sprinkles on the table then on the cookie!


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