Is Halloween for Adults or Kids????

When I was young I remember Halloween being all about me - the kid.  The candy was for me.  The costumes were for me.  The parties were all kid friendly and for my enjoyment.  I don't know if somewhere along the line the rules of Halloween changed or if it has always been more about adults then it is about kids and I was just that self centered!  Either way, I love Halloween more as an adult then I did as a kid!

Getting the kids all dressed up and seeing them go crazy for their parties, carving pumpkins, and Trick or Treating is contagious! I love going to their parties, watching the parades, and seeing them run from house to house getting treats! It is the sweetest thing to see Tyce exclaim with pure surprise after each and every house that they gave him candy!

I'm looking pretty excited!!

Lola's class - LOVE Mario and Luigi wrestling in the front!
Jackson's party

Jackson and Daddy carving a pumpkin
Even A carved a pumpkin!  A first for him!

Dressing up is more fun now then it was when I was a kid!  What other day of the year is it totally acceptable to dress up however you want to and not be arrested for it?  As an adult I will most definitely dress up and take the kids through the neighborhood!  No party to go to?  No worries!  I will still dress up!  I don't remember adults dressing up when I was young, except for the one crazy neighbor who dressed up as a scary thing to jump out at us to make us pee our pants!  I now see many adults dress up for the big day! (some should NEVER even try on some of the outfits they wear out in public, but that's what the one day is for right?)
Jackson's teacher (he is really a man)
Tyce and his good friend at their party!
My Parents

Lola and Jackson

A and some girls from school about to go out for his first Trick or Treating ever!

The pirates handed out candy

I love seeing grown Chickens walking down the road!

Some of the kids - they really got into their characters!

When did houses begin to give out more then just run of the mill candy?  Adult beverages as treats for the adults?  I don't remember this from the past, but I sure am glad they do it now!  That eyeball jello shot really warmed me up and gave me the boost I needed to pull the wagon just a little further!

Whether it has always been this way or not, I'm just glad that it can be a holiday for the kid in everyone (with the adult twist)!
Our Family! (A wasn't dressed for the event yet..)

And one of my favorite moments....


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