How My Kids See Me....

I am amazed at what great children I have!  We went to conferences for all four of them and had not one complaint from one teacher!  Pretty amazing!  Especailly taking into consideration how they behave with each other at home!

One of our children had to write a book of similes about his family which his teacher showed us.  He did an awesome job!

"Dad is as smart as a computer, knowing how to build a fort, knowing how to manage money, and he's always helping A with his brutal homework."

Wow!  After reading that I was excited to read what he wrote about me!

"Mom is like a chef, making the best tuna noodle casserole."

That's it??  I make him food?  Yes I do do that, but don't I do so much more??  I did feel a bit better after seeing that A had written about me being a person who was very important to him.  I'll just pretend that making him food isn't the reason!


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