Distracted by Dogs...

I have been a terrible neglectful blogger lately. It isn't because I don't have anything to say or share, in fact, I have a ton of things that have been going on! The main reason that I haven't posted much is because I have been distracted by other things; namely travel, Christmas gifts, and exploring getting a dog. (and our laptop died!)

I love dogs! I know they can be smelly, messy, annoying, destroy your yard and your home, but my kids can be the same way! :) They are a fun, loyal companions that can teach our family responsibility, compassion, and how to love unconditionally.

Ry and I both grew up with dogs and we had dogs up until about 4 years ago when God threw us for a big loop giving us two babies within 3 months of each other and saying it was time for our oldest dog to leave this earth. It was a very chaotic time to say the least! I miss my dogs and I want my kids to grow up learning from dogs the same things that I learned.

Now I know that this dog will be my responsibility. I know I will be the one who feeds it, trains it, takes it out and walks it, so I have tried to talk myself out of it! I have been doing what I always do when I get an idea in my head that won't go away, I've been researching it! I have been hoping that by knowing full well what I am facing I won't want to continue. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case!

In my research I first focused on what breed may be best for our family. I know that all dogs have their own personalities, but certain breeds have certain tendencies and there were some things I wanted to steer clear of. The breed I am in love with for our family is the Boston Terrier. He has funny little face, but his personality and demeanor seem to fit what I am looking for! Once I decided that the breed was the one for us, it was then a matter of deciding to get a dog from a breeder or a rescued dog.

How can you not love that little guy! Sooo cute!
There are so many people out there that breed dogs to make a buck and I'm sure you have heard about puppy mills. I began researching breeders who know the entire lineage of their dogs. I had no idea that you could get a puppy that is already house trained and crate trained at eight weeks old! If they are a reputable breeder, they will begin early on training the litters to be the best dogs out there! The best way to find a breeder like this is to go to dog shows and talk to people. You have to know the right questions to ask!

After learning about puppies and how much can affect their young lives I was leaning toward getting a puppy. However, that thought didn't last long. There are just too many dogs and puppies already out there that need forever homes! (just look on www.petfinder.com) It just didn't seem right to promote the breeding of more dogs when there was probably the perfect dog already out there for us waiting!

So... it looks like we may get a dog and it will be a rescue. I don't know when or if it will in fact be a Boston Terrier or a mix of some sort. We will see! In the mean time, I will keep researching how to train a dog and hope this isn't a huge mistake!


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