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Run Run Run as Fast as you Can!

Today we decorated Gingerbread People.  The only way I could keep Tyce from not ripping open the box the day before was warning him that if the cookies were already magic they may run away! Decorating cookies is a dirty yummy process as you can see by the faces of the children!  I remember a time when Tyce would only eat the candy and not put any on the cookie!  The youngest in our crowd did the same thing! I'm not sure if the kids like decorating or eating the cookies the best!  As Tyce ate his cookie he kept making screaming noises!  Apparently his little man didn't like getting eaten! Take two on the gingerbread cookies!  I made a homemade batch while the kids tried to put together gingerbread houses.  I am NOT a fan of gingerbread houses!  They are just too difficult to put together for little hands!  Out of five little houses three stuck together so I think we did pretty well! Lola's house and Gingerbread Person! All of the Gingerbread People - they la

What Was Your First Clue?

Was it the shorter days?  The bare trees?  How about the Christmas music in October?  Or maybe it was that all of the Christmas decorations are on display and for sale in all of the stores? My first clue that Christmas was three months away was this: The stack of magazines that arrived daily in my mailbox!  I confess that I absolutely LOVE getting these magazines!  I remember as a kid when the JC Penny catalog showed up at our house and I would sit down and circle everything I wanted for Christmas!  My kids now do the same thing, except they have 50 magazines to look through!  It is a little overwhelming, but it is still super fun!  What tells you Christmas is on its way??

Happy Black Friday!

I admit it. I love Black Friday! Yes, I love the deals, but there is so much more to Black Friday then saving a few dollars! These days you really don't have to get in line and battle crowds to get the latest and the greatest at the lowest price.  With a click of a mouse you can order everything online for the same price and companies often offer free shipping.  Obviously, there is more to Black Friday then just the deals. Tonight I stood in line for 1 1/2 hours waiting to get into a store.  It was freezing - not technically, but 40 degrees is not warm especially when it is windy, but I was prepared in my winter coat, Ryan's fur, obnoxiously warm and goofy looking hat, gloves, wool mittens over the gloves, a scarf, and a blanket wrapped around my legs which were layered with long underware and jeans!  My nose and toes were cold, but otherwise I was fine. The time I waited in line actually went by very quickly.  One of my favorite parts about Black Friday is standing in

How My Kids See Me....

I am amazed at what great children I have!  We went to conferences for all four of them and had not one complaint from one teacher!  Pretty amazing!  Especailly taking into consideration how they behave with each other at home! One of our children had to write a book of similes about his family which his teacher showed us.  He did an awesome job! "Dad is as smart as a computer, knowing how to build a fort, knowing how to manage money, and he's always helping A with his brutal homework." Wow!  After reading that I was excited to read what he wrote about me! "Mom is like a chef, making the best tuna noodle casserole." That's it??  I make him food?  Yes I do do that, but don't I do so much more??  I did feel a bit better after seeing that A had written about me being a person who was very important to him.  I'll just pretend that making him food isn't the reason!

Friend for Life

"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth." - Robert Southey A few weekends ago I drove seven hours to go visit a friend I have had since I was two years old.  I haven't seen her in a year and a half, but when we get together it doesn't feel like any time has passed.  I walk into her home now and feel completely at ease, as if no time has passed - not like a typical guest.  Over the years we may have lost touch once in awhile, but through it all she has been the friend I can continue to turn to in times of joy and times of sorrow.  And no matter where we were in our lives, I could always count on her to remember my birthday!   We became friends at such a young age because of our proximity to each other.  Her mom used to say she knew exactly when spring arrived because I would be in and out of her house ten times each day!  There was no knocking on the doors to ask to play, I

Distracted by Dogs...

I have been a terrible neglectful blogger lately. It isn't because I don't have anything to say or share, in fact, I have a ton of things that have been going on! The main reason that I haven't posted much is because I have been distracted by other things; namely travel, Christmas gifts, and exploring getting a dog. (and our laptop died!) I love dogs! I know they can be smelly, messy, annoying, destroy your yard and your home, but my kids can be the same way! :) They are a fun, loyal companions that can teach our family responsibility, compassion, and how to love unconditionally. Ry and I both grew up with dogs and we had dogs up until about 4 years ago when God threw us for a big loop giving us two babies within 3 months of each other and saying it was time for our oldest dog to leave this earth. It was a very chaotic time to say the least! I miss my dogs and I want my kids to grow up learning from dogs the same things that I learned. Now I know that this dog will

Ears like a ...

I wonder if anyone has ever done a study comparing the hearing of women before they become mothers to after they have babies.  I'm not talking about our ability to tune out our children unless we hear a certain tone or cry.  I think that one is a learned survival technique.  I am talking about our ability to hear glass being shattered in the basement where our children are playing when we are two stories above at the neighbors house. I think my hearing has gotten much better since I have become a mother!  Last night we had our door shut, the fan on, music on in Tyce's room and I still heard him yell Momma in the middle of the night waking me out of a dead sleep!  I really think becoming a mother has sharpened my senses.  I wish it had given me super powers too!

Driving me Crazy

I have to share that tonight I had had it. I think the children do a kind of tag team thing on me.  They take turns pushing me to my limits. Tonight I told the children at dinner that they were "driving me to my grave."  My youngest replied, "I'm not.  I don't know how to drive!" At least I will laugh on my way there!!

Is Halloween for Adults or Kids????

When I was young I remember Halloween being all about me - the kid.  The candy was for me.  The costumes were for me.  The parties were all kid friendly and for my enjoyment.  I don't know if somewhere along the line the rules of Halloween changed or if it has always been more about adults then it is about kids and I was just that self centered!  Either way, I love Halloween more as an adult then I did as a kid! Getting the kids all dressed up and seeing them go crazy for their parties, carving pumpkins, and Trick or Treating is contagious! I love going to their parties, watching the parades, and seeing them run from house to house getting treats! It is the sweetest thing to see Tyce exclaim with pure surprise after each and every house that they gave him candy! I'm looking pretty excited!! Lola's class - LOVE Mario and Luigi wrestling in the front! Jackson's party Jackson and Daddy carving a pumpkin Even A carved a pumpkin!  A first for h