What the kids say sometimes puts me on the floor!

There are so many times that my children say things that just floor me!  Whether I am on the floor laughing or on the floor because I fainted from embarrassment or on the floor out of total surprise, I wish I remembered to write them down each and every time!  Here are some that I remembered to record!

Mom, you know when Tyce hits me - that isn't love. - Lola

I didn't pee my pants.  The pee pee just zoomed out.  - Tyce

Turn off the music!  It is making my hips shake! - Tyce

I didn't pee my pants.  My penis just exploded! - Tyce

Lola to Tyce; "Did you eat chocolate? Let me smell your little cute little breath."

I hope my daughter continues having such great confidence in herself! Today she has told me that she is a beautiful singer, has gorgeous hair and skin, and is a rock star!! (all of which are definitely true!) 2/10/11

Lola just yelled at Tyce "Stop your behavior!" - sounds a little sophisticated for a four year old! 2/7/11

"Look Mom! The birdie is trying to get the boogies out of my nose!" - awesome.... 2/4/11

Conversation with a three year old: "Mom, I'm freezing!" "Are you for real?!" "No Mom! I'm just a Tyce!" (with a huff of frustration after the comment) 1/29/11

Tyce is upset that in Beauty and the Beast Gaston says to "Kill the Beast" - he thinks we should wash his mouth out with soap! 1/28/11

Trying to carry two bags, a purse, and a three year old on my hip and he yells out, "Ow! Mom you are hurting my penis!" 1/19/11

Lola collected money for a walk a thon they did at school.  She went to the neighbor's house and knocked on the door.  "Umm.. can we have some money?"  When asked what it was for, she put her hand on her hip, let out an exasperated sigh and said, "School!" (duh!)

And the most recent:  My mother in law was changing my niece's poppy diaper.  Tyce was standing over her shoulder.  "Yuck!  She has a really stinky vulva!" 10/12/11 (if you want to know why my kids use such grown-up words for private parts you can have some fun reading this post!)

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