A Visit to the Orchard

We are experiencing in Michigan what some refer to as an "Indian Summer".  We are all back in our tank tops and shorts!  I don't know if it is the warm weather and all of the sunshine, but the colors of Autumn are spectacular!  The golds, reds, and oranges look even more vibrant then I remember from previous years!

When fall comes around in Michigan it means that local farms become venues for families to visit as part of their weekend entertainment!  A place of hard work is transformed into a kind of amusement park!

Many farms offer wagon rides, petting areas with the animals, corn mazes, apple picking, rides in little train like vehicles through the orchards, playing in hay bales, playing in piles of dried corn kernels, pumpkin patches, and refreshments like fresh cider and homemade apple or pumpkin donuts!  We love it and have been known to visit a few different farms during the fall!

On Sunday we ventured to Schwaillier's Country Basket.  I used to take Jackson here when he was maybe two.  At that time there were maybe three other people there as well and a couple of fun things to do.  Now the parking lot is jammed packed with people and there are a ton of things to choose from of how to spend some time there!

A had never been to anything like this so he was in awe from the moment we stepped out of the car!  He has never seen an apple orchard and loved picking the apples with Jackson.  I think they enjoyed eating a bunch of apples off of the trees as well!  He couldn't believe that this was actually a kind of farm with all of the children running around and the goats and bunnies being handled by everyone!  It must almost look like a circus to him and not at all like how he knows a working farm to be!

The children love it and were so excited to run from one thing to another!

Feeding goats!

Such cute baby goats!


We took a ride through the orchard on a wagon

Jackson and A picking apples

Daddy and Lola took a bumpy ride in a cow train!

Picking out pumpkins!

Picking apples

Getting the perfect apples!

No visit would be complete without donuts and cider!

And of course Tyce caught a grasshopper and a frog during our visit!

It was odd standing in the sun in shorts and a tank top and sweating in October while picking out a pumpkin!  I have pictures of the children in snowsuits getting their pumpkins!  I myself prefer our time in shorts!   After our time at the farm we did something that I haven't done since I was little.  We took a "Sunday drive" through the country roads.  We pointed out more orchards and farms to the children and enjoyed the stark contrast of the blue sky, green fields, and yellow, red, and orange trees.  What a wonderful Autumn day in Michigan!


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