The Tattle Tale Game...

I have come to the conclusion that my children's favorite game to play with one another is the game of "Tattle".  They have practiced it so often that they are pros.  Being the referee in this game is the worst possible position to be in and I hate to play - day after day after day after day after.....

To play, you need the perfect high pitched whiny voice.  You must start each statement with a drawn out "Moooooommmmm!".  You must look super pathetic so all those around you will take pity on you.  You must catch your sibling doing, saying, or thinking something that may get them in trouble.  If they are looking at you, breathing on you, in the same room as you, or sharing space on earth with you it is time to tell on them!  To play correctly you must continue to find faults in their existence at least every 20 minutes.  If you want to step up the game, you can call out "Mooooommmmm!" more frequently.

If you run out of things to tattle about you can simply make up things about siblings who are not home at the time.  (Seriously, my children have tattled on the 16 year old while he was at school and could have in no way completed the task he was being accused of!  Maybe they had forgotten you had to be present to win the game!)

Children get points for creativity in their tattling and in their Mother's reaction.  Five points for Mom's eyebrows going up and eyes bugging out - Ten points for Mom pulling her fingers through her hair and sighing loudly - Fifteen points for Mom putting her head against the wall or on a hard surface a few times - The ultimate winner is the one who coaxes Mom into yelling at everyone in the house and sending them all to separate corners for an undetermined amount of time-  Extra points are awarded to the winner if Mom then goes and pours herself a glass of wine, looks into the refrigerator and grabs out something like a chicken leg to gnaw on, or opens up the bag of Halloween candy and eats half the chocolate!

This game is pretty much the game that never ends.  If you know where the off switch is, I would love to know!  I'm running out of chocolate!


  1. Hilarious...yet so true! At our house we play "Something". Which is when the children repeatedly ask for help with something, the need for something, etc. Never really giving the exact name to the thing they need or want. It's just something! So frustrating....


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