Sometimes Too Much of a Good Thing Really IS Too Much!

I was put in exile on Sunday and was forbidden to speak for our entire ride to church. I found this very mean on the part of my husband and was not happy about it in the least, but I can understand where he was coming from.

I went out with a friend who I hadn't seen in years to a restaurant I love! It was the perfect combination and I enjoyed myself immensely! I hadn't been to the restaurant in forever and now I can remember why that is! It seems I get a bit carried away there.

No, I don't get carried away by dancing on tables (that's at a different establishment) or drinking sangria (although their sangria is really really awesome). I get carried away eating. It isn't just eating in general. It is eating a particular type of food that gets me in big trouble!

They serve Tapas and many of their dishes have garlic in them. I felt a bit of a cold coming on so I ate A LOT of garlic! It was so yummy and it's good for you right?

It is also a food that is unforgiving! By morning, I reeked of garlic! The stench of garlic followed me like a cloud wherever I went! My pores were dripping of garlic. If I had started to cry, my tears could have seasoned any dish!

I showered, slapped on the smelliest lotion I had, and poured on perfume. I brushed my teeth multiple times, gargled, and chewed gum, but nothing helped! As soon as I opened my mouth, Ryan cried foul because apparently an explosion of toxic, garlic gas escaped from me with every breath!

Of course I had to go to church and teach Sunday school that morning. Of course my husband was no help and only ran away from me. Of course people wanted to stop and say hi to me as I tried to race back to my room without being seen. Of course a guy I graduated from high school with had to sit next to me with his son who is in my class. Of course my youngest son's birthday party would be that day. Of course!!

The cloud of garlic has continued to follow me, even though I tried sweating it out, soaking in a tub of smelly salts, and drinking enough water to drown myself! I thought in time it would wear off, but that stuff is tough! So a word of advice: Sometimes too much of a good thing is too much! Everything in moderation!


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