Now Piloting a Helicopter...

Hi.  My name is Amy. It has been six months since I have become a "Helicopter parent".  That is the first step right?  -admitting there is a problem? 

A "Helicopter Parent" is one that hovers around the children to protect them and guide them in every step.  They don't let them take chances and learn from their mistakes.  The parent is always within reach.  If you saw my children play in the woods up in the trees and smashing pumpkins yesterday you wouldn't think that to be true.  However, I feel like I have become that way with A and his education.

Each and every day I either send or receive emails from his teachers about what they did in class, upcoming assignments, tests, and quizzes.  At this stage, with a child whose first language is not the one he is learning in, it is necessary, but last night when I found myself helping him with his Spanish homework - Spanish - the child is a native Spanish speaker for crying out loud!! - I was a bit in shock at myself! (and a little proud since I was getting the answers right)

Ok, so maybe I should back off a little now and let him work on his own and be responsible for his own recording of homework and completing it, but right now I just can't!  Because I communicate with the teachers so much I feel like if he doesn't do well it is because I am not doing my part!  If he fails I feel like the teachers will be mad at me for having them put in extra time to aid him!  He has the routine down and understands what is expected of him, but I feel like I am being graded as well!  If he acts like a teenager and gets sick of doing 3 hours of homework and refuses to study for a vocabulary quiz, (I honestly get sick of it before he does!) I should just let it go right?  How do you do that? 

(Big Sigh...) So I guess for now when you see me at 10:00 pm doing high school homework with A just know I can't help myself and you probably should give me a call, an email, a text, a glass of wine, a night out - something to make it so I'm not always accessible!! (and wine will make it so I can't pilot the helicopter - right??)

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