I'm changing my tune... I LOVE Homework!!

So I know I have been complaining a bit about how much homework Ry and I have to do with A each and every night and how difficult it is, but this afternoon I decided that I LOVE homework!

This is why...

I was checking over papers in A's folder to be sure everything had been completed and to see what else he needed to do and I came across this question and his answer:

Think about one person that is special to you.  In a paragraph (4-5 sentences) describe this person.  Who is he/she?  How or why do you know him/her?  What is his/her personality like?  What makes him/her special to you?
         Amy is special to me.  She is my mom.

I don't think anything more needs to be said in that answer.  At least not for me!  Homework is awesome!


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