Happy Birthday to Our Most Precious Gift!

We celebrated Lola's 5th birthday this weekend!

She was beaming with excitement for the entire day!  She insisted on wearing her princess dress to church with her white gloves (of course) and was tickled pink when the older ladies, who sit by the door, noticed her and knew she was celebrating her birthday! (my grandma passed on the news)

She was so full of excitement that it was a bit overwhelming for her and she broke down when we told her she could pick out her own big girl bike!  She needed hugs and to be carried for a bit so she could calm her excitement!  We actually had to leave the store and I went back later to get the bike.  It was just all too much for her and this was before the party!

Finally, when the party came she took it all in stride!  She loved all of her presents and her cake!  My favorite moment of her party was when she was to blow out the candles.  She had to tell her Daddy her wish.  He shared it with me and my sweet girl wished that she could could be friends with her cousins, brothers, and friends at school forever.  This was before she blew out the candles....(she may have changed her mind about the brothers...)

I wish I could say that I have great memories of the day she was born.  I can remember the day and the yearning for her was already in my heart, but I didn't know at the time how important the day would be!  I know it was a Saturday and it wasn't all that eventful in our lives half way across the globe from her at the time.  Three weeks later I know I looked at the calendar and burned that day into my memory.  How odd to think that I had no idea what a huge day it would be for our family!

When I think about Lola's birth I inevitably think about her birth mother.  I think about what a selfless decision she made.  I think about how brave she was to contact people to help her find us.  I think about how amazing she is to have traveled back to the city three months after giving birth to have tests run to be sure the child she had given birth to would find her place in my arms.  I think of how difficult it must have been for her to take care of herself while she was pregnant.  I think about how painful it must have been for her to hold the most perfect little girl in her arms only to realize she may never see her again.

Although I find much joy in the steps her birth mother took so that we could have the most wonderful child in our family forever, I am also heart broken.  Someday I would like to tell her how grateful we are and how amazing of a woman we know her to be!

Happy Birthday to our most precious gift!


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