Current Specials with It Works!

From now until October 31 the price for a distributor to sign up is $99! They get one box of wraps so they can sell each wrap and make back their investment right away!

To celebrate the $99 promotion and to get the word out I am running a promotion of my own!

Host a party before October 31 with at least 8 people who do a body wrap or facial and get :
  • Two Free Body Wraps and Two Free Facials ($100 value) (4 people would entitle you to one wrap for free)
  • For every 2 people who sign as new loyal customers get another Free Body Wrap or a Free Facial!
  • For every distributor that signs up at your party get a FREE Box of Wraps or Facials! ($100 value)
  • If everyone at your party (at least 6 people) sign up as new Loyal Customers you will get a free product of Your Choice!!

I will also have specials for your guests as well! If they become a new loyal customer they will get $5 off of their wrap that night (regular price $25) and a chance to win free product
I will have a raffle for free items as well (with a party of at least 8 guests)

So send out facebook events, emails, phone calls! Just ask people if they are interested in getting healthy, looking younger, losing weight before the holidays, or having more energy! If they like helping others and getting paid to do it this is their ticket as well and may be yours! I would love to run parties for you! - get me away from the Algebra!! PLEASE get me away from the Algebra!! I am so desperate to get away from all the homework over here that if you are interested in being a distributor I will run all of your parties for as long as you want as long as you get the people there!!

And if you don't really like to party, refer me to someone who does and I will reward you with free products!!

Contact me right now to set up a party on the weekend or weeknight!!!
Thank you!!! - the video about the $99 promotion and new products


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