If you aren't a Michigander, chances are you don't know about all of the cool things we do to occupy our time!  One of these cool things started three years ago and is called ArtPrize.

Artists come from all over to display their works of art around the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan in the hopes of getting recognized, respected, and votes!

The event is free for the public so for a specified amount of time everyone can walk around the city and view the art.  There is an area where people can vote for their favorites.  The top 10 are chosen and then an ultimate winner is chosen after that all by popular vote. 

When I hear the word art I think about drawings and paintings in museums.  Sometimes that can be art, but flowers made out of water bottles can also be art.  A display of note cards with song lyrics written on them can also be art.  A structure made out of old railroad ties can also be art.  You never know what you will find during ArtPrize as you walk down the streets!  They even added music this year to the event!  I can tell you that in the three years this has been going on, we have never been disappointed and have always been amazed by the talents and creativity of others!  There is always something for everyone!  Here is a very very small sampling!
Flowers made out of beads

Big fish in a little pond (apparently he is a dead fish)

One of the top ten
Flowers made out of plastic water bottles
Rusty - One of the top 10
Battle Cat!
Giant Mantis - Top 10
Hearts in the Grand River

Monkeys on the bridge!

 Not sure if the art strikes the children the same way it strikes us...


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