Summer Road Trip! Stopping for the Night - Great Wolf Lodge

Our last stop of the day was Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI.  We have been there a few times and the kids love it every single time we go!  There are locations all in many different states!
It has so many things to do inside of the Lodge that there really is no reason to ever leave!  You can go in their indoor water park, go to the spa, the arcade, play with the wands and wizards on a quest, go mini golfing, go to the kid's room where they have toys, a computer, and crafts, and they even supply different events and activities for kids to do!

The kids were itching to get in the water so we checked into our room and headed to the indoor water park and outdoor pool.  The water park is attached to the hotel which means we don't have to wear shoes or bring extra things with us and it's easy to go back to the room to get things we forgot or to take a little break.

Jackson and A ran off together to go down the slides and Ry and I stuck with the two little ones while they splashed in the shallow area and played with fountains.  The big hit with the boys was the giant bucket that dumps 1,000 gallons of water on you if you dare stand in it's path!  One word of warning about that - it has been known to knock over small children and to take off swim suits!  Hang on tight to your valuables!  There is something for everyone at the water park and we were occupied for about two hours before the kids started to get hungry.

Up to the room, dried and dressed, we headed to Pizza Hut down the road.  The kids gobbled up the pizza so quickly I felt like I blinked and it was gone!  A short drive back to the hotel and now the tricky part - getting everyone into bed and to sleep!

We got a loft room for the first time.  We needed enough beds so that A could have his own bed. The room was very clean except for one thing.  The shower curtain stunk!  It smelled like an old wet towel that had been sitting around for months!  Since the bathroom is right by the door to enter the room, that was my first impression.  Not a good one!  We had to keep the door shut to the bathroom while we were in the room!  The only other thing I didn't like about the room was that there was a skylight.  You would think that that would be a cool aspect, but for a child who wakes up and thinks it's morning when the street light shines through the window it is a very early alarm clock after a difficult night's sleep!

There were two beds and a pull-out on the main floor - the two beds being separated by a partial wall.  We had a balcony and a fireplace!  In the loft, A had his own bed and half bathroom.  It was quite the set up! 

I didn't get much sleep unfortunately!  Tyce climbed into bed with me while Ryan got to share a bed with Lola who was out in no time and very still!  Tyce is a talker and always talks a bit to his toys before he goes to sleep.  When he is in his own room that is fine, but when there are 6 people trying to sleep it gets annoying really fast!

It took awhile but he finally did zonk out as did I.  I just had the pleasure of waking up all night long and peeling a child off of my head, taking the feet off of my face, or moving Tyce so he wasn't kicking me!  In the morning I was on the very edge of the bed about to fall off and Tyce was sprawled out sideways!

In the morning it was off to play MagiQuest!  The three younger kids all had wands and went on missions to find different treasures and help out creatures.  They loved running from place to place and waving their wands around to see what things would move or talk!

When their tummys started rumbling we ventured to Camp Critter Bar and Grille.  On the day of check-out we were given a coupon for it on the back of our bill.  They have a great breakfast buffet which we thoroughly took advantage of!

After our fill of breakfast Ry and kids played more MagiQuest while A and I packed the room.  Then it was time for more water park fun!  We could have stayed and played until 9pm!  As a guest of the hotel you can get into the water park at 1 on your check in day and can stay in the water park until 9pm!  When we were water logged we showered and dried off in the lockers, loaded into the car, and were on our way to our next destination!


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