Summer Road Trip! Next Stop Petoskey State Park!

After our "ding dong ditch" trip to Chillermania, we enjoyed a short scenic ride to Petoskey, Michigan.  We saw vineyards, fields of hops, and fields of sunflowers along the way.  Not to mention a plethora of lakes, small towns, and beautiful homes.  I would have loved to stop and taken a stroll through some of the towns and in Petoskey especially, but the natives are just not at the age to appreciate such things, so it was off to Petoskey State Park for our next stop!

Petoskey State Park, located on the north end of Little Traverse Bay, is situated on 303 scenic acres and offers a beautiful sandy beach on the bay. The park has two separate modern campgrounds. Tannery Creek offers 98 campsites, and Dunes offers 70 campsites.

We drove right in because the booths were not being maned.  I'm not sure if it is the time of year or that it wasn't a weekend, but I think you usually have to pay to get into the park.  We drove down a smooth paved road that was densely wooded on both sides.  We parked right up next to the sand and by a large bath house.  The beach was clean and gorgeous!  The color of the water was unlike any I have seen in Michigan!  The children were so excited to run in the sand and to the lake that they all went in while wearing their clothes!  I didn't have the heart to stop the excitement or maybe I was already down by the water with them....

The little ones played in the sand and of course Tyce found this friendly guy who he threw rocks at:

I explained to Jackson what Petoskey Stones were and we went on the hunt.  This is a great beach to scour for fossils, rocks, sand glass, and coral.  We found so many treasures!  I was glad I thought ahead to bring buckets!
The green piece is sand glass
A Petoskey Stone
Some of the beach is splashed with smooth stones - perfect place to find treasures!

Jackson found two Petoskey Stones and was thrilled!  After our rock hunt we decided to jump off of some of the dunes at the beach!

Fall is on its way!!


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