Summer Road Trip! Next Stop: Kilwins Candy Factory!

If you know me even a little, you know that I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas!  I love love love chocolate and in fact my mouth is watering at this moment just thinking about it!  Obviously, when someone like me sees a place with a Chocolate Tour sign, everyone has to pile out of the car and into the factory in a hurry!

Our next road trip stop was just minutes from Petoskey State Park.  The Kilwins candy factory was conveniently along my route so it was our next stop! (who knows how that happened!)

The store is filled with candy, fudge, ice cream, and chocolaty goodness!  We waited maybe five minutes to go on the tour which runs every half hour.  It was our group of six and two other poor souls that were thrown into our group by default.  We saw how they put flavors inside of chocolates, the making of fudge, and the coating of some orange slices.  The chocolate smell was so wonderful I just wanted to set up camp there!  The tour was short and sweet.  All of the children were interested and attentive!  At the end of the tour we received a chocolaty turtle and a sample of our choice of fudge.  The children were allowed to purchase on sweet item, which is a rare treat in our house.  They were so excited!!  Everyone loved this little stop on our journey!
We had to dress up for the tour!

The treats that were picked out!  Check out that case behind them!!  Yum Yum!!


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