Soccer Saturday!!

Now that it is fall, Saturdays will not be the same!  Lola and Jackson are now playing soccer on Saturdays.  This is Lola's first time playing soccer!  Sometimes their games overlap and sometimes they will be hours apart from one another.  This will create a very interesting Saturday each and every week for our family.

The soccer fields in our little town are the happening place on Saturday mornings!  If you want to see your neighbor, your teacher, your grocer, or pretty much anyone who is totally awesome, you better go to the soccer field on a Saturday morning!  We couldn't even make it to our field without running into at least four people we knew!  And frankly we aren't cool enough to know that many people!
Jackson ready to go!!

Tyce occupied his time by taking pictures of A!

Jackson has graduated into the big leagues this year.  They have goalies and officials!  They even meet before the game with the refs to go over some of the rules!  Eight must be the age they get more intense!  Even A was impressed with this level of play.

Lola throwing the ball in - she even kept her feet on the ground!
Now, if you move down the field to where Lola is playing the intensity is very different.  The playing field is much smaller, there are no goalies, coaches are on the fields and sometimes parents are as well.  The ball is fought over by team mates and sometimes picked up and walked away with if the child wants it.  I saw children skipping down the field to the ball, little girls doing twirls, comparing shoes and shin guards, and even a little one that just layed down in front of the goal because she was tired!  There is a lot of confusion going on on these fields, but it looks like fun! It is nothing if not entertaining!
Taking a break...
Ok girls - whose turn is it to kick the ball?

Each time the whistle blew my daughter ran to the coach asking for the snack!  She knows there is a snack after the game and I believe this is what drove her to join soccer!  Oh well, whatever gets them up and active I guess!


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