A Sleepless Itchy Night and maybe another visit to the ER...

Husband, Sloth, stayed home all day from work.  The meds the doctor gave him at the ER seemed to help the swelling in his face, but the rest of his body began erupting in blisters!  It is a mystery how he has poison ivy all over his body and even between his toes!  If I didn't know better, I would think he went "streaking through the quad" and took a detour through the woods!

When I went to bed at 11, I left him sitting in the dining room with my hair dryer.  We had read that by blowing hot air on the places that itch until it was too hot to stand would help with the itch and pain.  He had some temporary relief.  He has tried it all!  -baking soda, hot showers, antiperspirant, nail polish remover, vitamin C....  Nothing seems to work!

At 2am I thought I was going to have to wake up A to listen for the kids while I drove Ryan to the ER.  He needed a sedative, in my opinion!  He couldn't settle himself down and was in so much misery!

At 5am I told him he only had to make it through two more hours until he could go into the ER or give them a call.  Finally, he was able to sleep!  I felt so bad for him I didn't even nudge him when he started to snore.

Currently, he has called the ER and has had a lengthy conversation.  No new suggestions were given, except for taking more Motrin and drinking coffee (both should help with the inflammation).  He is now trying to catch up on a missed night of sleep.  If it is still as bad tomorrow, he will have to go in again.

I didn't sleep much either and now I have phantom itches all over!  I used to get this when I was teaching and heard a student had lice.  My head itched like crazy until I could have the nurse check it out only to find there was nothing there!  It's the power of suggestion!  Now, I feel itchy and am so paranoid there is oil somewhere in the house everything is getting washed!!

* I couldn't bring myself to post pictures of people with poison ivy on here as they are so awful and Ry won't let me take pictures so if you want an idea of what the rash can look like - go here!


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