She's Baaaccckkk.....

It's back to school for all four kids and apparently for me as well!
I guess I did not pay enough attention in class to Mr. M during Algebra because I am now being punished!  I never thought I would need to think about those kinds of equations ever again in my life.  Well kids, your teachers are right!  If you have children and they attend high school, you will see those things again and be expected to understand them or your children will appear more brilliant then you!  Sorry Mr. M the thing that stands out the most to me in your class is another student wearing sweat pants and boxers and introducing me to a term I had never heard before!  That and being told to stop talking! So not right!!!

The year has just started and already I have met with all of A's high school teachers, the soccer coach has me in his cell phone, and the guidance counselor may be getting a Christmas card from us this year!  Yes, it is happening.  The sound of my shoes in the halls are going to signal the teachers that I am coming because they have heard it so many times before.  If I were on TV I would have my own theme song as I walk into the building.  They would focus on the faces of the teachers one by one as they heard me coming and follow them as they hid in the bathroom, under their desk, or in a bush outside.

I hope I am not that bad, but I have requested that each teacher communicate with me on a daily basis in some way just so I know what homework should be done!  I know that A knows a lot of English now, but sometimes he misunderstands things.  He told me he made the freshman soccer team when he really made the JV team.  (he heard the word freshman which is what he is and jumped to that assumption)  Last night he spent over 2 hours with Ryan on a sheet that he thought was homework, but was really a review sheet that they were working on in class together!  I really don't want that to happen again!  So we all sat down and chatted about who A is and what his educational background is and how we can overcome all of the hurdles in our way!

I can't tell you how happy I am with the district we are in!  They are all very willing to communicate with me and help A in any way that they can!  Of course this is the first week.  I was not born yesterday and being a teacher I know something like dealing with a parent can become a little burdensome.  I told them as much.  Hopefully as it becomes routine it will all be easier for everyone! 

Right now I am just happy that homework only took us a total of two hours tonight.  I learned some Spanish and more Algebra. or maybe it was review...  Just think of all of the skills I will be learning this year!  Lovely!  Maybe I should have my own locker although I probably won't be able to open it.  Some things don't change....


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