Our Jump Start Day for the Little Ones...

Since Lola is starting DK (developmental kindergarten) and Tyce is starting preschool they both had a"Jump Start" day this week.  I don't really consider this the first day of school for them.  It was more like a trial run.  Friday will be the real first day of school for them and ... well... me!

Things started a little rough.  Lola has suddenly started to express herself in a manner which is not all that pleasant for her mother or those around her.  This basically means she has developed a sassy attitude with a hand on the hip and a flip of the hair.  That's not all though folks.  Her new favorite word is "No" and good for her - she says it with such conviction and force I have no doubt she will not have a problem telling people no as an adult as many of us other women do!  Awesome for the future her.  Not awesome for the four year old her. 

So first day of DK and time for pictures - nope.  Not gonna happen Mom.  Big sigh by me.  Seems she wants to do things her way in her own time.  This doesn't always work well in our schedule.  Solution; I got out the photo album and showed her the pictures of her brother's first days of school.  "Look how great he looks by the door!  Oh look at the bus!  Wow!  Can you believe he had that backpack?  I'm so glad I have these pictures to see him and how big he has grown!  So sorry we won't be able to see you, but good thing we have his!"  Of course she couldn't be shown up and not have something that her brother has so it was off to take pictures!

Yeah!! School!!
At school we loaded onto a bus to hear about bus safety.  We had to wait for all of the new children to sit with their grown-ups on the bus.  Lola got a little antsy.
"Yeah,  I'm done with this.  This is boring!  I'm leaving."
In my head - "Here we go!"
"Ok.  I'll see you.  The teacher told us to sit here so I'm going to listen to the teacher.  You go ahead and see what happens when you don't listen."
"She's not your teacher.  You don't have to listen."
"Well, she is the boss right now here at school for everyone so I am going to listen to her.  You go ahead and go off the bus.  I'd like to know what happens when you don't listen."
"I think I'm going to stay..."
Crisis and tantrum averted!  Inward sigh!

Our next stop was in the classroom.  We found her cubby, lunch area, bathroom, folder, and toys!  This was very exciting and she was all smiles!  The last stop was to sit on the rug for story time.  Nope.  Not going to happen!  Here we go...  To try to avoid this crisis while all the parents looked on, I simply sat near the circle criss cross applesauce like the teacher said and listened to the story myself.  That is not an easy feat!  I can only sit that way for so long!  Lola did eventually sit down and listen to the story.

Next it was time to go outside away from your grown-up.  I suddenly had an iron maiden clamped to my leg.  This is until she saw there was a snack at the door!  (she will do anything for a snack!)  She got her snack, gave me a hug, and it was out the door.  Huge inward sigh from me only to have her turn right around yelling, "Momma!" and try to yank open the door.  I had a brief flicker of where can I hide flash through my head and then went to her.  Thankfully a friend from preschool was in her class and going out of the door at the same time.  I explained to her friend that Lola was a little nervous and would she hold her hand to go the playground?  Lola's grip of steel was transferred from my hand to her friends hand.  Lola smiled happily and skipped off holding her friend's hand.  A big shake of my head and a feeling of bafflement about this child and her ability to do a 180 in 1.6 seconds!

That was the adventure with Lola's Jump Start.  Tyce was entirely different!

I first had to change his clothes and hose him down as he was covered in dirt, peanut butter and jelly, and who knows what else from his morning adventures!  When I asked him to take pictures he stood on the step and posed the same as his sister had done, but with his own twist.

At school he played shy for two minutes and then was building with blocks, doing hand motions with the teacher while singing a song, and talking to all of the children!  When we told him it was time to leave he said, "Why?"  We told him he would come back on Friday and it was all good. 

Two very different experiences for the Jump Start Day, but they both ended well for both the children!  Now to see how the real first day goes!  I think Mommy is way more nervous then the two kids!  (or maybe it is giddy???)
They made it home off of the bus!!


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