My Junk - Your Treasure???

I had a garage sale today.  Up until last year I had never had my own garage sale.  I avoided it like the plague.  I gave everything to people I knew, sold it on craigslist, or donated it to a variety of worthy places!

Last year, after a few gentle pushes from Ryan, I had a garage sale.  I set out the tables and put everything out nicely.  Each table had one price for all of the items on them and everything was grouped together in a logical way.  I actually like organizing it and seeing what I had stashed in boxes and forgotten about!

The garage sale itself can be a hit or miss as far as my enjoyment.  I really enjoy having an excuse to be outside doing next to nothing because I have to be available in case a person comes in.  I like giving neighbors excuses to come over and chat.  I like meeting new people in the neighborhood and around town.  I love to hear their stories!  I like it when they are excited about what they find and I like it when I can point them in a good direction for a nice find!

I don't like it when I really need to get something done away from the garage and I am pulled back in.  I don't like it that my children fight like cats and dogs in the garage as soon as people walk in.  Seriously.  They could be happy and content for hours and as soon as a person walks into the garage suddenly the sky splits apart and two warriors descend to earth ravaging destruction on every organism living or nonliving in the vicinity!  I don't like it when I am giving people a good deal and they try to get it all for nothing!  That can be annoying.  I don't like it when I am emotionally attached to an item for whatever reason and have to sell it for next to nothing and it took me forever to save for it!

Those are my likes and dislikes.  My children, however, LOVE garage sales!  It is like Christmas!  They suddenly have all new toys out to play with!  There are new people to talk to and show off for.  Sometimes dogs come into the garage to be played with too!  And the best thing of all!  Mom is majorly distracted!!  Here is some fun they got into while I was busy...
Tyce has price stickers all over his body and Lola is photographing him!


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