Lola's prayer tonight...

Today we visited Oma at her home.  It was the first time I had been there for a significant amount of time since Opa passed away.  It was odd not seeing him smiling sitting in his chair.  I took my usual seat and thankfully the kids filled his spot quickly.

After a little bit Tyce piped up and asked where Opa was.  I told him he was in heaven.  Lola asked if he was in heaven right now.  Ryan answered her because I was chocking on my words by that time.  He explained that Opa was in heaven with Jesus and wasn't that great that he could meet Him?  The focus then went to the fact that our dog was also in heaven with Opa and the kids got distracted by the mention of a dog and the conversation turned, which relieved me.

I can't imagine what it is like to have been with someone for 62 years and then suddenly to be alone.  It breaks my heart!  Apparently Lola picked up on that feeling as well because tonight she prayed with her Daddy and asked Jesus to help Oma now because she was so sad Opa was with Him and not her.  Sweet girl.


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