Hallelujah! The First Day of School!!!

Today was the first day of school for half of the kids in our home!  Jackson and A rose early and were carted off by that lovely yellow bus.  There were hugs for both of them at the door so as not to be embarrassed in front of peers.  Both were eager to get on the bus and jet off to a new year of friends and learning.  Neither wanted to pose for pictures!  Both said the same thing about their day - which was nothing at all!

The bus stop was crowded with siblings and parents.  It is probably the only time all of us parents will be out in the morning hours waiting for the bus.  You definitely won't find us waiting out there in the snow and freezing cold!  I felt like it was a party and should have brought down little horns, hats, and drinks! We were all grinning like it was Christmas! 
Heading to the bus stop
Here come everyone!
When Jackson was carried away by the bus, Ryan and I both looked at each other and just shrugged.  There were no tears from Mommy which is the first time since he started going to school at the age of three!  He was not apprehensive about going at all which is also a first.  Maybe when a child reaches third grade they have overcome many of the anxiety that school brings.  Or maybe that peer pressure thing is already so strong they have to behave a certain way!  Whatever the case may be, I was a little giddy and a little saddened by it all!  My first born is growing up quickly! 
Here it comes!
The gang waiting for the bus!

Jackson trying to hurry on the bus so I couldn't take his picture!
We'll have to see what tomorrow brings with the two little ones going to school for the first time!  That may be a different story and a whole other party!  I will actually have 4 hours a week of no children time! (if you don't count A coming home during that time)  I may just get out the fireworks for that one!


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