Friday night Fun or Horror???

Friday night high school football games have taken on an entirely new feeling of fun or maybe its horror!

In high school I remember spending a lot of time getting prettied up to spend hours in the wind and cold on the bleachers at the games.  It was the biggest social event for me at the time and I looked forward to it each week we had a home game!  For the life of me I can't remember exactly what we did at the games and why they were as fun as they were!  I do remember we watched a little bit of the action on the field, but most of our attention was geared toward the action in the stands.

Now Friday night football games are a bit different.  There is still the socializing and some watching of the game, but now I find myself doing all of this from inside the consession stand!

It was a different kind of fun.  Ry and I were in charge of coffee and suppling beverages.  I can't even count how many Mountain Dews we went through!  One young man had 7 of them!  He was living proof that that kind of beverage does affect your body.  The poor boy couldn't even walk in a straight line in a normal way!  For every step there was a kind of hop, jiggle, or kick!  He didn't look comfortable in his own skin!!  Poor Thing!

To be honest it was depressing to see the football players run by.  They looked SO young!  I still remember when I was in eight grade and they all looked SO old!  I was scared of them!  How did that happen??

Then at one point Ry turned to me and said, "Isn't this fun!"  Oh the horror- because I was having fun!  What has happened to us?  This is what we do on a Friday night for fun?  Stand in a concession booth sniffing hot dog grease and handing out coffee?  Again - the horror!  What happened to that time we had?  Youth is totally wasted on the young and I think I finally felt a brief momment of what it must feel like to realize you are old!  Thank goodness it only lasted a second!!  Good Grief!!!


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