The First Real Day of School!

Friday was the first real day of school.  I say this because all of the children were in school for some part of the day without me with them!

The two boys did there normal thing to go to school.  No big deal.  It was Lola's first  day riding the bus to her class.  I braced myself for tears and clinging to my leg, but I got a hug, a smile, and a wave!  Wwwhhhaaattt??  I was stunned!  I'm not sure if I was relived or a little sad about this reaction!  Maybe both!!!  Why in the world would I be sad?  Well, every day last year she clung to me as I dropped her off at preschool.  She didn't want to me to leave! 

Every day I wanted her to transition a little bit easier, but I wasn't prepared for such an easy transition onto the bus!  I mean really going on the bus by yourself is a way bigger thing then Mommy handing you to the same preschool teacher! 

I guess it's a catch 22 for a mom.  It feels good to be be needed and wanted and yet it breaks your heart to leave your child in such a state!  So for the first time since she started school, she left me without a tear.  She confidently walked on the bus and waved at me from her seat!  Such a big girl!  I don't know if I'm ready for that!  No worries though -right? because I still have my baby - Tyce- he won't let me down!

It was Tyce's very first day of school without me being in his classroom as well.  I braced myself for tears, clinging to my leg, and a little scene when I left him in the preschool room.  What I got was a nod.  Tyce went in the room, put up his apple with his name on it on the tree, found a seat, and began playing with toys!  I had to remind him to hug Mommy.  He did, but then pushed me back because I must have been hugging him too tightly!

He had come with Lola and I each day to preschool last year so he knew the teachers, the routine, and the room- but really?  All I get is a nod?  You have been with your mommy for almost four years with very little breaks and  you don't even cling to her hands as she leaves you in this room with strange children?  No tug on the leg?  No anxiety at all?  Not even a tiny little tear?  You could have given me just a little something!  A little wipe of an eye or a wave or even a fake sniffle would have done it! 

Kid, do you not realize what is going on here?  Do you not realize that this is the beginning of the complete separation from your sole source of comfort and life support?  Starting now your life will forever be different!  Can you really face that with such nonchalance?

Apparently Mommy can't!


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